Tuesday, January 31, 2012

{Party} A Little Man is on His Way!

My dear friend, Jennifer, is having a boy! I couldn't wait to throw her little man a shower, and what better way to welcome him than with mustaches and bow ties. You may remember her invitations I posted here. HUGE thanks to Melissa (Jennifer's sister) for all her awesome help. The mini cinnamon cupcakes were delish! See below for a complete list of all the fun details...

Macho, I mean mucho details... (All of these home made details will be in my Etsy shop, soon! Email me if you need them before then... TheBirdandtheBeeCreations@sbcglobal.net)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

{Print} A Little Man

Something I have in the works... One of my besties is having a baby boy, and we're getting ready to party! I couldn't throw this quirky and fun couple a blue and white shower, so I though what better way to welcome their little man than with mustaches and bow ties! While this is just the invite, more party fun is in the works. Pics from the shower coming soon! Thinking I may put this one in my Etsy shop...

{Decor} Distressed Canvas

A photography client of mine brought this distressed canvas idea to me about 2 months ago. So, when my sister-in-law told me she was looking into canvases to decorate her new house, I knew I wanted to try it out on her. I love guinea pigs.
While the project was easy, there are certain things about it that I had great difficulty with. You see, I admit I'm slightly OCD. I just see things the way I want them, down to the detail, like the specific parts of the portrait that I want "distressed". And, this is something I didn't have great control over. Oh, the emotion. First anger, then sadness, then denial, then regret, then acceptance, but still with a little sadness and a warning before she opened her gift.
I would never have distressed the precious baby's face. However, when you stand back and look at the entire canvas, it's not so bad. I can let go. I did learn some valuable lessons, though.
1) This works much better on smaller canvases, when you're not trying to piece things together.
2) It's okay for things to not work out my way.
3) When it says to smooth it out, it means it.
4) It's okay for things to not work the way I anticipated.

I will be trying this project again, and I'll let you know how it goes. If you're interested in trying it yourself, just google "Distressed Canvas DIY", and there are several tutorials you can choose from.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

{Ideas} Picture Perfect Gift Wrap

I enjoy wrapping presents almost as much as I do giving presents. And I try to get all of my wrapping done early, so that all those presents I spent so much effort wrapping get to sit under my tree and be enjoyed.
While pleasantly pleased with this year's wrapping for our family, it wasn't my original idea- that will have to wait until next year. This year, I used green polka dot paper, red yarn (lots of it), and home made stickers. The stickers are really my favorite part, and I'm thinking of offering them as a gift with my Christmas mini sessions next year.
My nieces and nephews who opened their gifts at our Christmas celebration today loved being able to see who their gift was from. My own kids were able to tell everyone else which gift was from them, "That's from me!" They loved it! And, as a momma, I loved that they really saw they were giving, not just getting.

{Ideas} A Tasty Treat

I've decided that I would try to blog more about things I do and create for myself, even if they're not something I'm marketing. And this idea, while you can't purchase it from me, maybe it will inspire you to create a home made tasty treat of your own to gift.
We decided early on in the Christmas season that we wanted to share one of our most favorite breakfast treats with the kids' friends- home made donuts and chocolate milk! The kids had so much fun helping me make them. They got to punch out the donut holes and sprinkle them with cinnamon and sugar. (And maybe eat one here and there.)How to:
All you need is a can of regular biscuits (one biscuit makes one donut)
Cooking oil (I used vegetable)
Cinnamon and Sugar

Cut the centers out of the biscuits using a tiny circle biscuit cutter or small circle cookie cutter.
Drop the biscuit and donut hold into hot cooking oil. Flip the donut once it has browned on the bottom , and then pull it out when the other side has browned. This all happens very quickly. DON'T walk away!
Let the donuts and donut holes rest on a napkin.
Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar, and enjoy!

Monday, December 12, 2011

{This one's just for me...} The most wonderful time of the year, Reason #2

Anyone who know me knows that this is my favorite time of year. Not only because of the Christmas season and the celebration of the most wonderful gift I've ever been given, but also because my birthday is on Saturday!
So, when this little number comes in the mail, I can't help but get excited. This store inspires me greatly with their displays and unique ways of displaying the most common items. It really challenges me to think outside the box. And this tiny birthday card is no different. Very clever, Anthro. (standing, applauding slowly) I think I will take some me time. You are very convincing. :)

{Wear} Lumberjack-ish scarves for the ruggishly handsome baby boys out there...

Okay, so maybe the title is slightly over the top. And I say lumberjack-"ish", because I was really going for a different plaid, but saw this and liked it. Then, I realized it's kind of like the Burberry plaid, and I'm sure there's a lumberjack out there that likes Burberry. Maybe.
Anyhow, I do believe this is one of my most favorite creations yet... and so simple, too. A wonderful client of mine asked if I could make something unique and special for her friend's boys over in Germany. (Yes, folks, that means I'm international. Score!) I absolutley LOVE it when my clients give me free reign to create as I may. And this is the result.
This is one of those projects (like so many I do) that started out a great idea in my head, but needed some tweaking, only to be discovered as I'm knee deep in it. As I'm sewing along, I start to think, (use a sultry voice as you read this, because that's how I think in my head) "How is this going to fit over the baby's head? If he's anything like my son and his pumpkin head..." (I can only think that in my head. I would NEVER tell him that.) Enter scarf escape hatch. As you can see in the decent commercial photography below (see previous post for non examples and explanation), I made the scarf so that it could slip open. Genius! Go me.
I can't wait to see these on the precious, I mean, ruggishly handsome baby boys.